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Patience, kindness, and quality stone are precisely what you need

Personalized memorials are a considerate and caring way for you to say farewell and find the closure you seek.


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Make it the perfect memorial – in every way

As ethical retailers of memorials, we recommend that you make this decision without haste and with proper care or assistance. It will prove to be the finest way to express your devotion and remembrance.

One of the many decision when deciding on a memorial is the style. In our indoor showroom, we carry upright monument, slants, bevels and grass level.

Many cemeteries have regulations and requirements, but we will work with the cemetery to inform you on any regulations. We also have a computer program that will help design your monument/marker and provide a visual design.

Memorial Styles and Customization

We offer different Memorial Styles:

  • Upright Memorials
    • Stands straight up and down
    • Upright memorials sit on a base
  • Slants
    • Sits with a slant in the front and straight in the back; when looking from the side, they resemble a wide triangle; they also resemble an open book
    • Slants can sit with or without a base
  • Bevels
    • Sits higher in the back and has a gradual decline in height to the front; they resemble a pillow
    • Sits on the ground above our foundation
  • Grass Level
    • Sits flush with the ground so the mower can go over them
  • Bronze Markers
    • Typically they are mounted on concrete or granite and sits on the grass level

Families are able to add on any of the following to further customize their loved one's memorial:

  • Porcelain Pictures
  • Vases
  • Etchings
  • Epitaphs
  • Scenes
  • Custom Designs

Be sure to view our photo gallery for some ideas or visit us today.

"I will always tip my hat to the monument maker, for his is the only work that last a lifetime." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Remind future generations of a life that was lived well – let Troy Marble & Granite Co. help.

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