Flowers on a cemetery grave tombstone

Embody who your loved one was – and who they will always be

Incorporate engraved flowers that symbolize the life and legacy of your lost family member or friend.


Pink flowers

Add never-ending beauty and meaning

What a flower symbolizes can be different for everyone. The religion and culture of your family can influence the meaning of flowers and other symbols you may see engraved on memorials.

Flowers are known to be beautiful throughout history and the world. A memorial is a very personal tribute – you should have flowers engraved that mean something to you and your family, even if the meaning is only beauty.

Don’t let yourself feel pressured into adding a flower engraving. If you are not sure about incorporating flowers in your memorial design, you can take a look at our photo gallery to help make your decision.

Don’t know which flower to pick?

You can choose from hundreds of flowers that have symbolic meanings – the few listed below are some popular choices you could consider:

  • Apple Blossoms – Temperance
  • Calla Lilly – Sympathy & zeal
  • Cultivated Rose – Everlasting love
  • Daffodil – Regard, fearlessness, and childhood
  • Daisy – The Christ Child's innocence, youth, innocence
  • Dogwood – Crucifixion
  • Easter Lily – Resurrection
  • Forget-Me-Nots – Memory and remembrance
  • Holly – Christmas
  • Iris – God-like qualities, eloquence
  • Ivy – A message and protection
  • Jasmine – Devine Hope
  • Jonquil – Vanity and affection
  • Lilac – Versatility
  • Lily – Easter, resurrection, humility, purity, return of happiness
  • Marigold – Virgin Mary
  • Morning Glory – Resurrection, youth, promise, bonds of love and affection
  • Narcissus – Regard, grace, and art
  • Orange Blossom – Matrimony, chasity, and purity
  • Pansy – Victory, eternal peace, success, heavenly reward
  • Papyrus – Love
  • Passion Flower – Crucifixion and passion of Christ
  • Phlox – Mercy
  • Poinsettia – Christmas and birth of hope
  • Poppy – Sleep consolation and rest
  • Rose – Love, Christ, nativity, joy martyrdom
  • Sunflower – Adoration, glory, the soul turning to Christ
  • Tulip – Love, charity, declaration of love, ardent affection
  • Violets – Modesty, humility, graciousness, faithfulness, sweetness, and loyalty
  • Water Lily – Charity
  • Wild Rose – Love, Christ, messianic promise

"I will always tip my hat to the monument marker, for his is the only work that last a lifetime." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Pick symbols that mean something to you. Call or stop in at Troy Marble & Granite Co., Inc. for help picking the right flower.

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